TIMES Attorneys won before the Swiss Federal Supreme Court

October 24, 2023

TIMES Attorneys (Andrea Mondini) successfully represented Mepha Pharma AG (the Swiss subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceuticals) in patent infringement proceedings against Novartis regarding a generic version of Novartis’ product Jadenu® (deferasirox).
On appeal, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court affirmed the Swiss Federal Patent Court’s judgment holding that Deferasirox Mepha does not infringe Novartis’ patents. This is a landmark case under Swiss law on the issue of equivalent infringement of numerical ranges.
The judgment is published on: http://www.bger.ch/ext/eurospider/live/de/php/aza/http/index.php?highlight_docid=aza://25-09-2023-4A_273-2023&lang=de&zoom=&type=show_document