“We’re just at the beginning of what can be done with digital technology”

Bill Gates
  • Data Protection: Data protection has become a very important legal and commercial topic. TIMES Attorneys has specific expertise in data protection compliance, in the assessment of privacy management programs and in all aspects of protecting data.
  • IT Security: Today, there are more and more IT security incidents. We can assist you with preparing for such incidents and with handling them.
  • IT Agreements: Our team handles all types of IT agreements (incl. outsourcing, digital transformation, implementation, infrastructure, consulting, etc.).
  • Cloud: Cloud is a relatively new creature that dramatically changed the way IT products and services are made available; we help you navigating the cloud.
  • Artificial Intelligence: TIMES Attorneys can assist you in this new field of the IT industry – licensing, drafting, negotiating, rendering general legal advice, etc.
  • E-Commerce & Social Media: The setting up of web platforms (online sales, advertising, etc.) requires taking into account intricate legal issues and implementing terms and conditions and/or privacy policies.
  • Software/Apps/OSS: We help you to successfully develop and distribute your innovative assets.
  • Technology Transfer, R&D, H2020: Access to technology is paramount and gets rather complex when executed in multiparty and cross-border structures. We can guide you through such projects.
  • Data Protection & Cybersecurity
  • IT Agreements (Outsourcing, etc.)
  • Cloud (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS)
  • Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data
  • Blockchain, incl. Fintech
  • E-Commerce & Social Media
  • Software/Apps/OSS
  • Technology Transfer, R&D, H2020