Alesch Staehelin joins TIMES Attorneys

October 31,2018

We are very pleased to announce that Alesch Staehelin joins TIMES Attorneys as a new partner per November 1, 2018.

Alesch Staehelin is a counsel, dealmaker, negotiator and mediator specializing in all technology law matters (including telecoms). He has a deep focus on drafting all types of IT agreements, on negotiating and closing complex and time-sensitive (cross-border) tech deals and on all legal aspects of emerging technologies (such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, etc.). Alesch Staehelin’s further areas of expertise are intellectual property, data protection and media & entertainment law.

Before joining TIMES Attorneys, Alesch Staehelin worked at IBM for 11 years as a senior in-house counsel in various international lead positions. In particular his vast experience and expertise in the legal aspects of cognitive computing and other cutting-edge technologies related to digitalization, virtualization and automation have made him a highly recognized IT lawyer in Europe and overseas. Recent speaking engagements as Digital Lawyer & Counsel (DLC)® have brought Alesch Staehelin to major cities around the world. Prior to joining IBM, he worked 8 years as an IP/IT lawyer at leading Swiss law firms.

Alesch is the perfect fit for our team and will further boost TIMES Attorneys’ practice in the technology and IP fields.