“We’re just at the beginning of what can be done with digital technology”

Bill Gates

TIMES Attorneys’ expertise in technology stems from longstanding relations with multionational companies in this field, enabling our team to work hand in hand with our clients’ procurement/business teams and to offer the benefits accrued from significant project management expertise in complex IT matters.

  • Data Protection and Privacy: The adoption of the GDPR has significantly increased the importance for companies and institutions to ensure compliance. TIMES Attorneys has a specific expertise in the assessment and implementation of privacy management programs to ensure such compliance. In addition, the transnational environment in which we live, coupled with the growing significance of the cloud computing and Big Data, have multiplied the potential volume of data transfers and, as a result, have strengthened the need for legal advice and compliance with applicable legislations and regulations.
  • Software development/licensing: We are used to negotitating consulting and professional services for on-premises development and related licenses on behalf of our clients.
  • Cloud computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS): While the outsourcing of computing resources is nothing new, its scope and economic importance has significantly increased over the last few years and has led to important legal issues concerning the hard to reconcile transnational environment especially with the territorial legal systems in place. As a result, corporate needs in terms of reliability, performance and security have considerably increased. A system of risk assessment and management is therefore required, and privacy needs to be secured to mitigate any potential risk.
  • Open Source Software (OSS): Open Source cannot be ignored any longer, no matter what the IT infrastructure and policy chosen by a given company is. The proliferation of OS code coupled with the development, embedding of software components and the insertion of varied pieces of code in one another makes it essential from a compliance perspective to make sure that the type of use and exploitation of the software envisioned are clean. Identifying the license (academic, copyleft, viral), restrictions resulting from it and the type of exploitation foreseen (internal, commercial, further development) often requires the implementation of internal policies and a grid to ensure freedom of operation.
  • Telecoms: one of our partners is a member of the Federal Communications Commission (Comcom) and enjoys thanks to his position a wide experience in the regulatory field of Telecoms.
  • Web, mobile, application development: At a time when the use of multi-devices is increasing, there is a growing need to address specific risks in the frame of contractual discussions, an area where TIMES Attorneys enjoys a wide expertise.
  • E-commerce and names: The setting up of web platforms (online sales, UGC content, social networks) requires taking into account numerous legal issues and implementing terms and conditions and/or privacy policies.
  • Domain Names: Some of our partners have specific expertise in the domain name industry and have been working as domain name panelist at WIPO since 2001. This has enabled our clients to benefit from this significant experience.
  • Social Media: While unavoidable, the use of social media increases potential risks in a wide range of legal areas: third parties’ intellectual property rights may be infringed, publicity rights and privacy issues may come into play and gamification processes require particular attention. Far more than legal issues though, a proper and effective management of PR issues is key and requires a proper system of risk assessment and the implementation of coherent policies to avoid any damage to companies’ reputations.
  • Data Protection and Privacy
  • Software dev./lic./OSS
  • SaaS, IaaS, PaaS
  • Telecoms
  • Web, mobile, app. dev.
  • E-commerce
  • Domain names
  • Social Media