“If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.”

Woody Allen

All our partners have been practicing with a strong focus on intellectual property law for years and have gained transnational expertise by also studying and/or working in the IP field abroad.

  • Trademarks and Names: TIMES Attorneys provides the entire range of trademark services, from the filing of national and international trademarks, availability and monitoring services to the management and prosecution of large trademark portfolios. Our vast experience and use of state of the art software tools enable us to offer our services at highest quality, efficiently and at fair prices. TIMES Attorneys also offers advice on domain names matters. Two of our partners have been acting as WIPO domain name panelists for more than a decade. Our attorneys have been involved in numerous domain name disputes under different types of ADR mechanisms, such as UDRP, Switch (.ch) or Nominet (.uk), both as arbitrators and as legal counsel.
  • Patents and Designs: TIMES Attorneys represents clients in patent litigation proceedings before the Swiss Federal Patent Court. In cooperation with our preferred patent attorney firms we can assist you through the entire lifecycle of European patents, SPCs, PCT-applications and Swiss patents. We also provide the full range of design services, including the filing of designs and the representation in design disputes.
  • Copyright: The development of interactive platforms (be it UGC or blogs) has led to growing concerns with regards to the exploitation of copyrighted works, their boundaries and exceptions, as well as the need for risk assessment and potential mitigation strategies. We advise on all copyright issues, be it software or (applied) arts-related copyrights. Services and expertise in this field also encompass collective rights management including representing organisations in tariff negotiations.
  • Unfair Competition:We advise and represent clients in all matters relating to unfair competition law. Relevant unfair practices include passing-off, unfair taking advantage of works of others and unfair terms and conditions.
  • Know-how and Trade Secrets: We assist you in protecting your ideas, business methods and other intangible assets that are neither patented nor protected by copyrights.
  • Licensing and Distribution: All of our attorneys are experienced in the drafting, reviewing, negotiating and interpreting of intellectual property-related agreements and in representing clients in litigation and arbitration proceedings arising fro such agreement. This primarily involves license and distribution agreements but also research and development, assignments, IP pledges and cooperation agreements. Our lawyers are also experienced in assisting in M&A transaction from an intellectual property perspective (e.g. IP due diligence).
  • Geographical Indications: We have expertise in all matters related to “Swissness” and geographical indications. Indications of origins and the specificities of the different legal regimes involved (both at the international and national level) as well as the intricacies and difficult interplay with trademark law require specific skills. TIMES Attorneys offers its services to its clients covering the different administrative steps aimed at the granting of such an indication, starting from defining and gathering the relevant interested stakeholders, the drafting of the application and guidelines together with the stakeholders, the negotiations with the Swiss Commission to the publication of the decision and potential appeal.
  • Advertising: We review your or your competitors’ advertisings and promotions activities in view of their compliance with unfair competition law, with the rules of the Swiss Commission of Fair Trading, with industry specific laws and best practices, with the Swiss Lottery Act and with price indication rules. Our experience also enables us to provide such reviews at short notice.
  • Litigation and Arbitration: We represent our clients in all litigation related to intellectual property (before the Swiss Federal Supreme Court, the Swiss Patent Court and the cantonal courts across the country) and arbitration (e.g. under Swiss Rules of International Arbitration, ICC rules or WIPO rules). TIMES Attorneys has particular strong expertise in brand protection matters (civil, criminal and customs proceedings) and in patent litigation.
  • Trademarks & Names
  • Patents & Designs
  • Copyright
  • Unfair Competition
  • Know-How & Trade Secret
  • Licensing & Distributorships
  • Geographical Indications
  • Advertising