“Creativity is intelligence having fun”


Albert Einstein

Over the years, due no doubt to media convergence, the entertainment industry has become a multibillion industry. Given that intellectual property rights are – and information technology has become – existential in the entertainment industry, the services we provide in this field is closely related to our other TIMES fields.

  • Media and Publishing: Our practice covers all types of publishing – online and offline – of texts, photographs, films and music across all media. Besides offering numerous new options, the digitalization of the entertainment industry also triggers substantial legal risks, e.g. in terms of copyrights or privacy issues. Being aware of such risks and developing practical mitigation strategies has become a key competence in the industry.
  • Music, Film and Theatre: We advise producers, musicians, actors, authors, screenwriters, directors and other artists, inter alia in contract and copyright questions.
  • Arts and Cultural Property: If you would like to make use of copies or pictures of pieces of art or cultural property we help you obtain the relevant rights. If others make use of your copyrights without your permission we will assist you in enforcing your rights.
  • Cultural Events: The organisation and management of cultural events involves various legal questions and often requires the drafting and negotiation of complex agreements with artists, agents, locations, cities etc. Our attorneys have the skills necessary to successful plan such events from a legal perspective.
  • Collective Rights Management and Tariff Negotiations: Certain copyrights are managed by collective rights organisations such as in Switzerland SUISA, ProLitteris, SWISSPERFORM, SUISSIMAGE and SSA. One of our partners is a member of the Swiss Federal Arbitral Commission for Copyrights. We thus have the necessary know-how and experience to guide you through the various paths of copyright exploitation and the relevant tariffs. We also have experience in representing organisations in tariff negotiations.
  • Litigation and Arbitration: TIMES Attorneys can help you enforce your rights or defend yourself against unjustified claims.
  • Media and Publishing
  • Music
  • Film & Theater
  • Arts
  • Cultural Property
  • Cultural Events
  • Collective Rights Mgmt
  • Tariffs Negotiations